Hey, I'm Colleen.

I’m an award-winning freelance writer who helps businesses tell their compelling stories in a way that gets engagement, generates buzz and is a catalyst for change.

After working as a reporter covering environmental issues for the Associated Press, I parlayed my ability to write fast and get up-to-speed quickly on new topics into sustainability-focused industries such as land use, transit, water, energy and environmental management. I provide a variety of content, from case studies and news releases to blog posts, presentations and more. I also have extensive experience ghostwriting content and speeches for executives and elected officials.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with Honors from University of California, Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!) and am a graduate of the Santa Clara County Leadership Academy.

My career combines the two things I’m passionate about: writing and making the world a better place.

The Value I Offer

I’m astoryteller with years of experience writing for individuals and organizations. That has given me the ability to:

Translate the complex to the comprehensible: When you really know your stuff, it can be difficult to share your story with those who don’t have your vocabulary or experience, such as people outside your industry, or even potential clients. This is where I can make your life easier. Making complicated ideas understandable is my superpower.

Strategize media relations: Having been on both sides of the media equation, I know what it takes to get journalists interested in a story. I can help you make your communications plan and execute the content.

My Services

Below is a list of my services that we can package up to fit your needs.

  • Case Studies

  • Long-form Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • White Papers & Reports

  • Website Copy

  • Newsletters

  • News Releases

  • Speeches & Presentations

  • ...and more!

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