Colleen Valles

Sustainability Writer

I help businesses tell their sustainability stories with content that makes an impact.

What if you could...

  • Attract more customers

    Publicizing your sustainability work in a relevant, compelling way aligns with today's socially conscious customers.

  • Excite your employees

    Keep your employees raving fans by engaging communication that aligns core values and socially conscious sustainability goals.

  • Win more business

    White papers provide the credibility and support your sales team needs to win business from customers who demand more from you.

  • Impress your shareholders

    Well crafted speeches can motivate and inspire your shareholders to support present challenges and future goals.

That's where I come in...

I have years of experience crafting authentic, impactful content that can make your business stand out.

Why Me?

I spent a decade as a reporter, including covering the environment beat for the Associated Press. I further developed my interest in the environment and sustainability by covering land use, environmental management and transportation issues for an elected official at the county level.

I know how to get the word out.

I joined the county’s water agency during one of the worst California droughts in decades. There I helped executives and elected board members convey the messages about water conservation that led to a nearly 30 percent drop in water usage in a county of 2 million people.

I can handle sticky situations.

Years of media experience have shown me the best strategies to use when things don’t go as planned. Careful, consistent and truthful messaging can ease the difficulty. I can help you develop the right strategy and messages.


A sample of my work. Need more? Just ask!

  • Long-Form Article

    Tiny House, Big Challenges

    The housing crisis is no secret and no joke. In the Bay Area, low inventory means rents and home prices are astronomical, but not everyone is living on a Google salary and can afford them...

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  • Blog Post

    Water Sommeliers

    The Santa Clara Valley Water District relies heavily on high-tech equipment to analyze the quality of the water we deliver to customers. But how do we ensure that water is palatable?

    Read full story
  • Long-Form Article

    Transforming the Bay

    Walk along levees where the community of Alviso meets the San Francisco Bay, and you can see for miles. The view along the flat expanse of marsh takes in homes, railroad tracks, faraway hillsides, NASA hangers, old landfills and...

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  • Long-Form Article

    Finding Your Social Media Voice

    Everyone likes someone with a personality. The same is true of government agencies, and there’s no better place for an agency to establish a strong personality, a “voice,” than on social media.

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  • Case Study

    Falcons Project Ponds

    Santa Clara Valley Water turns to Falcons to protect groundwater recharge ponds from seagulls.

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Companies I've Worked With

Packages & Services

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  • The Connector


    Keep in touch with your supporters and prospective clients with an informative newsletter and accompanying social media post.

    Newsletters keep you top of mind with your subscribers, position you as an industry expert, inform others of your latest efforts and can be easily shared.

    • 1 monthly newsletter

    • 20 facebook posts

    • 20 tweets

  • The Change Agent


    A case study shows how you solved a problem for a customer and builds confidence in potential clients that you can do the same for them.

    Show clients how your corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts have benefitted an organization, industry, customer or group of people.

    • 1 case study

    • 10 tweets

  • The Industry Leader


    You want to get found, and you want to give your audience good, useful information. That’s where long-form blog articles (about 1,500-3,000 words) come in. Longer articles fare better than short posts on Google, driving more traffic your way. They also help you tell your own story, engage your readers, and maintain your position as an industry leader.

    • 1 monthly long-form article (including interviews)

    • 10 tweets

    • 5 facebook posts

    • A bag of Skittles

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  • Blog Posts

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