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My Website

For years I've had a reserved spot on the internet - my own domain. I built my first blog using Jekyll and Sass. Then I redesigned the site, again and again. And yet I never published one article. This is my new website - built using Gatsby and Tailwind CSS, and it's the first site I'll actually use. Here's why.


I've relied on community resources such as forum posts, comments, YouTube videos, and blog posts, to help me solve all my programming challenges. I find these free resources indespensible. Of course, not everything on the internet is a gold nugget, and there's a fair amount of sifting needed to find what one is looking for.

Having benefited from the community's generosity, I want to give back.


I've gained the perspective that writing helps clarify thoughts, ideas and beliefs. And writing geared to teach or explain soldify the author's own understanding - possibly revealing knowledge gaps along the way.

The other day I posed a basic technical questions to myself. I stammered to answer and I realized, if I cannot explain what I think I know, then I don't know it. Humbling.


I want to be a better writer. Writing is a skill and like any skill if you want to be good - well, write more often. Sounds easy enough, right?

Final Thought

I am excited at the thought of having a place to share my thoughts and experiences. I hope that at least a bit of it will help others - in whatever way they need.

I'm more keen to write short bits than long-form tutorials. But I'm not going to limit myself. Let me get this first post published and go from there.