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    • TypeScriptChakraUINext.jsMongoDB

    A local garden center's paper-based delivery schedule process is fraught with mistakes - leading to poor service and frustration.

    Terra is my web-based solution concept. The dashboard shows a familiar calendar-by-day view of deliveries, provides drag-n-drop functionality for quick schedule changes and uses a multi-step form to reduce errors, minimize delivery times and improve service..

    🚧 This project is a work-in-progress. 🚧

    Currently written in TypeScript, using Next.js and Chakra UI. Drag-n-Drop is courtesy of React-DnD, forms logic by React Hook Form and API calls via React-Query.

    • Next.jsMongoDBTailwind CSSVercel

    Back in 2016, a group of us built a React/Redux based flashcard app. With newer tech available, I decided to do a rewrite. Memowise is my own version - built using Next.js, Tailwind CSS and MongoDB Atlas. As of this latest release, Memowise scores 💯 for all categories in Google's Lighthouse test! 👊

    You can read about this project and lessons learned in my article, Lessons from building Memowise.

    • ReactReact RouterNetlify

    During the "shelter-in-place" order, my home workouts got real boring. So, I set a daily goal: 10 exercises, 100 reps per exercise. Well, after a couple weeks I found it difficult to see any trends in my execution. So, I built Maximus - a React based web app with a focus on super easy tracking and a cool visual to see trends of past workouts.

    • Next.jsTailwind CSSVercel

    I found travelsalem.com through a job posting that wanted to improve the site's SEO and usage. At that time, I found the site error prone and cumbersome to use and thought it could use a new design.

    This project is my redesign concept. It simplifies the navigation, prioritizes data presentation, and loads fast. I built this project using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.

    You can read about my design choices in my article, A Redesign of travelsalem.com.

    • JekyllSassForestry

    In 2018, I built the website for BMI Fitness - my former employer. In late 2019 I rebuilt the site with a focus to simplify site navigation, improve loading time and integrate a CMS. Built using Jekyll, styled in Sass and Materialize, and using Forestry.io for backend CMS.

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