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Software engineer, experienced building modern React-based web applications. Passionate about intuitive UI/UX, full-stack web technologies and helping people and organizations reach their goals.

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Frontend Engineer (freelance, 2021)

Terra Gardens | docs | demo

  • Developed a full-stack, scheduling app for a garden nursery‚Äôs delivery service. Provides a stepped-form for accurate data entry, computes available delivery times and features drag-n-drop functionality for intuitive schedule management.
  • Built with TypeScript, Next.js, Chakra-UI, React-DnD, React Query, React Hook Form, and MongoDB.

Frontend Engineer (freelance, 2017-2020)

BMI Fitness, LLC | docs | website

  • Developed a fitness studio website to present services, staff bios, and published content.
  • Built with Jekyll, Materialize and Sass. Integrated Formspree.io for form routing and Forestry.io for content management.

Software Engineer (freelance, 2015-2017)

Club One Fitness, Inc.

  • Created a Node.js CLI to bundle client workout files (written in Markdown) into one printable web page. (docs)
  • Developed a jQuery and Firebase web app for trainers to collect and manage client movement screening data. (docs | demo)

Sofware Engineer (freelance, 2015)

St. Christopher's - Art Enrichment Program | docs

  • Created a Google Sheet menu function to detect and report schedule conflicts among proposed art classes.
  • Built with JavaScript, Webpack and Google App Script API

Personal Trainer (2005-2020)

Club One Fitness / Forma Gym / Realm Fitness

  • Developed and coached safe, appropriate and effective strength and conditioning training for clientele.



docs | demo

  • Created a full-stack, responsive education web app offering algorithm-based study, dynamic quizzes, and a personalized dashboard
  • Built with React, Next.js, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS


docs | demo

  • Created a web app to create workouts and visualize them in an interactive bar chart. Built with React and Chart.js

Travel Salem

docs | demo

  • Designed a travel site demo, with a focus on intuitive site navigation, surfacing buried content and optimizing load speed.
  • Built using Next.js and Tailwind CSS.


Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science