Our Story

Hi, our names are Thao Vu-Dring and Amy Chang Radosevich aka Amy C Rad. We are the co-founders of BMI Fitness in Santa Clara. We both worked as trainers and managers at big health clubs for years and felt the need to create a place of true community and human connection. We envision a place where all our trainers work as a team and our clients feel special and cared for.

When we first started, someone suggested the name BMI. We didn’t put a ton of thought into it. We thought well it’s easy to remember and kinda catchy so we went with it. Over the years, we often get asked what BMI actually stands for and our response varies. The absolute wrong answer is “Body Mass Index”, even though that’s the first thing that comes to mind! Because our trainers and coaches all have a unique skill set and focus, our rehabilitative specialists think it stands for “Body Mechanic Inc.”, since they like to “fix” people; our trainers who likes to challenge and push their clients’ limits say it should stand for “Beast Mode Inc.,” and our trainers who adopts a more holistic approach like to call us “Body Mind Institute.”

Despite these different interpretations, we all believe in one thing in common. We all want every single one of our clients to Be More Inspired in fitness and in life! So, here’s your answer. Come visit us and get inspired!



Welcome to BMI Fitness - where everybody knows your name. We want you to Be More Inspired by our expert trainers and coaches who are passionate about helping you achieve your goals.

We strive to personalize your experience by offering a variety of leading edge training methodologies and tools so you feel challenged in the way that feels right to you. We believe everyone is unique and therefore should be treated as such. We believe in fostering a community of people who support and lift each other up every time you walk in our doors, no matter what life throws your way.

We pride ourselves in providing an environment where you feel safe to be yourself no matter your fitness level, ability, age, gender, culture, belief, shape or size. We offer no judgement, only acceptance.

image of BMI facility


We understand that our clients want the best, which is why we have designed our facility to provide you many of the benefits of a health club, but in the exclusivity of a private training studio. Our 5,600 sq. feet state of the art facility is outfitted with the latest and the best cardio and strength equipment in the industry.

We also have fully-equipped men’s and women’s locker rooms for your comfort and convenience. Both the men’s and women’s facilities are equipped with showers, towels and toiletries so you can freshen up before your next meeting and appointment.

We know many of you are always on the go and may not have a chance to fuel up before your workout or refuel after; so grab a healthy snack on us, fill up your bottle at our FloWater station, or your travel mug with a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea.