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All these folks have given us some great feedback!!

Louella T.

Amy Chang made me sweat and groan for every ounce lost and/or redistributed - and I would still highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personal fitness trainer!

I became Amy’s reluctant client several years ago at the urging of my family. I was overweight, lethargic and eating really badly. With a lot of patience, Amy brushed aside all of my excuses and worked to make me stronger. She emphasized correct form (to avoid injuries) and set a pace which was definitely hard but not punishing.

After I started feeling stronger and less lethargic, Amy steered me towards group exercise classes to add a cardio component to my workouts. She also started making suggestions about my diet. Overall, she inspired me feel that I had to be more accountable to myself for my over all health and well-being.

Today I’m two dress sizes smaller, more energetic and much more conscious of my eating habits. My improvements encouraged my husband to sign on as Amy’s client. We have such confidence in Amy that we asked her to help our 14 year old daughter stay in shape when our daughter was recovering from foot surgery.

The best thing about Amy - even if she doesn’t say it - you know that she sincerely wants you to succeed in reaching your health goals and that she’s with you every step of the (difficult) way.

Jennifer J.

Amy is the most amazing trainer I have ever worked with. She helped me reach my weight and strength goals through her extensive knowledge and, most importantly, her encouragement. She is motivating, and she pushed me to levels I never thought I could reach. She is also a wonderful person who cares about her clients, and she is passionate about what she does.


I’ve been training with Thao for several years now and am in the best shape of my life. She has helped me through several injuries and has also provided special training for different activities. Thao has increased my core strength and my flexibility which has helped me in golf, skiing, triathlons and half marathons. She motivates me and pushes me to my limits and makes each and every workout unique so I do not get bored with coming to the gym. I really like the facilities at BMI Fitness as they have all the equipment I need for a complete workout, TRX, cardio machines, free weights, cable machines, Pilates equipment and Thao incorporates all of these into my workouts. Thanks to Thao I have been able to maintain my health and fitness.

Monica S.

For the last 3 years, Amy Chang has been my personal trainer and she has been fabulous!! Our weekly sessions have substantially elevated my fitness to a new level: my “body” age is almost 20 years younger than my chronological age. I have always been quite athletic, but now, and in great part thanks to Amy, I am the fittest I have been in my entire life. Amy is intelligent, engaging and very informed; she makes each and every session unique and properly tailored to the individual client. She is also an amazing group fitness instructor who has the ability to engage and attract a huge crowd (including my two daughters) to many of her very challenging and fun classes.

Jenny and Charles M.

Amy Chang is a dedicated personal trainer and a friend. Her skills, knowledge and experiences are far beyond her profession. A year ago, before we signed up with her for one-on-one training, we were a bit hesitant. It’s a big investment after all. We’re happy to say that this journey has turned out to be one of our most successful investments.

Now, a year later, we are fitter and stronger physically as well as mentally. Our muscle tone has never been so visible. Energy level remains high throughout the day. Athleticism has been resurrected to its prime. We can run, jump, spin, swim, lift weights, U-Jam and kickbox like we are young again. We are happier in our life.

The most dramatic impact of training with Amy has been on our health. Jenny’s rheumatoid arthritis has tormented her for years. While all the other remedies, medical or none-medical, have been tried and failed, personal training with Amy has proven to be a huge success. With Amy’s thoughtful workout plan, her ailment has been effectively contained. A year ago, Jenny’s joints were so stiff, especially during the winter, that she even had a hard time getting up every morning. Now her joints are much more flexible and the pains are substantially subdued. She’s active everywhere in the gym now, spin class, U-Jam, kickboxing etc.

The treatment of Charles’ chronic back pain is another success story. For years, Charles has been beset by the back pain that goes back to his athletic young adulthood. Invariably, all the medical approaches have been tried and proven ineffective. Through the structured core training with Amy, by systematically working on the relevant muscle groups, Charles’ back pain is literally gone.

Thanks to Amy, we are able to live our active lives again. Now we have confidently signed up our son and daughter, Lue and Charlene, to train with Amy.