At BMI, we are looking for top independent trainers who are highly educated, experienced and passionate about helping clients improve their health and well being and maximize their physical and mental potentials. We understand that we can only be as successful as the success of our trainers, so our goal is to provide our trainers with top notch facility and equipment, assistance with lead generation and marketing, a well equipped and stocked break room, and a community of like-minded trainers to grow alongside.

We strive to create the best environment for trainers who want to make a career in personal training. We believe that trainers should be compensated for their education, experience and hard work so the independent model allows trainers the highest earning potential and longevity in their careers. We value diversity in training approaches and philosophies, and encourage trainers with different specializations to leverage and share knowledge with one another. No matter our difference in personalities and training styles, the one common value all BMI trainers share is we want ourselves and our clients to BE MORE INSPIRED in fitness and in life. We believe in the PERSONAL in personal training and we strive to be the CHEERS of fitness studios, where everybody knows your name.

BMI is looking to bring the BEST of the BEST onto our team. Here’s what our IDEAL trainer possess:

  • A degree in Exercise Science and/or a nationally recognized certification such as ACSM, NASM, NSCA, ACE
  • A minimum of 3 years of training or coaching experience.
  • Passion for inspiring and motivating others on their health and wellness journey.
  • A role model who walks the talk and live a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • A life long learner who appreciates different training methodologies and continuously develop his or her knowledge and skills through continuing education and knowledge sharing amongst team members.

NEW TO TRAINING? Apply anyway! We offer mentorship and internship programs to help trainers of all levels develop their skills and experience.

I have had the fortunate opportunity of working at BMI for a period of 4 years. During that time I was able to grow my skill set immensely as personal trainer. For example, working with Thao on physical rehabilitation with my clients and using the core aligner and Pilate’s reformer. In addition, Amy broadened my awareness level of thinking outside the box with different exercise techniques. In addition, Amy’s energy level was infectious; I always challenged myself to be just as energized as she was. The staff was fantastic to work with, we were a family. I always felt I could go to any of the trainers for advice on training, nutrition or anything relating to personal training. The clients at BMI were always one big family, everyone knew everyone. I really valued all that I have learned from the team and try to utilize these skills with my new clients in Southern California. I want to thank BMI team for what I learned and mastered while at BMI. - Jerry Borbon CPT

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