Angelina Constantino

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  • Postural Corrective Exercise
  • Injury Prevention and Rehab
  • Weight Loss
  • Functional Movement Training
  • Martial Arts Self Defense
  • Strength and Conditioning


  • CPT
  • CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • 2nd degree Brown Belt Kajukenbo


“Discover a healthy relationship with your body” - I take great pride in my work, and deep satisfaction in seeing my clients completely transform not just their bodies, but their lives.


Angelina has been my partner in my journey to lose weight for 2 years. She transformed me to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I have realized that the hard part of this journey isn’t getting your body in shape, it is about getting your mind in shape. Angelina has figured out the algorithm to work with the person, emotionally and physically. The results I have achieved to date are truly a reflection of her experience and excellent training techniques. Her knowledge of human body anatomy and how human muscle groups are connected truly reflects in her plans.

She individualizes the training by an introductory session in which she evaluates muscle groups that one need to work on to achieve maximum results. One of her strengths is posture correction and working with small muscle groups which is mostly neglected by many trainers. My day to day job requires working on a computer and, I used to suffer from neck and lower back pain due to tight and week muscles. She helped me to condition and strengthen those muscles around my neck and lower back. She consistently takes feedback and is very respectful of pain and would always accommodate to make changes to the routine. She quickly transitioned me into handling a rigorous workout regime.

One of my biggest challenges is, I get bored easily on a cardio machine or having to do the same exercise. Angelina would plan my routine around different gym props and do various partner workouts. She incorporates variation into the routine. Going to the gym, now, is fun and something I eagerly look forward to, which is a huge personal milestone. As I kept building on my strength and endurance, she would push my limits and challenge my abilities in the same session length. Sometimes we don’t know what we can handle. She understood and motivated me to do better. As I look at myself now, I am genuinely amazed at how strong she helped me become. I lost 45 lbs and gained both mental and physical stamina. This is what made me stick with her for two years, and more importantly, I see myself continuing for the long term. Angelina deserves all the best compliments.

P.S - Make an appointment soon before her calendar fills up.

- Sravya

Angelina is the most knowledgeable trainer i have ever met and believe me i have met and know many fitness professionals. I started at the gym just doing a little of everything researching what i should be doing but not knowing how important form was or where my body was physically. I was fortunate enough to meet Angelina at my gym and i asked her for advice. She offered to evaluate me and we did several exercises to identify areas where i am stiff and inflexible and what muscles are not being activated. She is so careful in prescribing safest and most effective exercises she really knows how deal with an injury and how to strengthen that weakness. I currently have the best posture of my life right now and i sit in a office 40+ hours a week. I am still her client and talk with her on what to work on next. Seriously she is like a dog whisperer but for the body she just knows what to work on next. You won’t find anyone more passionate about this work. She cares more than most people will ever know. Thank you so much Angelina! You’re the best! :)

- Mike

Angelina has been my personal trainer for three years. When I received my first session, I had not exercised in 40 years, and I ran out of breath going up a few stairs. At work, I slouched in front of a computer all day. As a result, I always had a stiff neck and headaches. I sought out a personal trainer because I wanted to improve my overall health, exercise on a regular basis, and find a person who kept me motivated. Angelina created workout plans that were specifically tailored to my situation. She gently pushes me past my limits so that I keep improving. Her advice continues even after the session: she often sends me a text to check up on my conditions and remind me to correct my posture. I have much better posture now, which has also improved my self confidence. Angelina has also helped me to build a stronger body by focusing our sessions on specific muscle groups. She fully understands muscle structures in the human body. For example, I did not know how important muscles in the upper body were for running properly. Thanks to her suggested workout plan, I have been able to participate in 5k runs for the past two years. Angelina is a very professional trainer and very nice as a person. Her knowledge, professional advice, and encouragement changed my life for the better. I highly recommend Angelina.

- Keisuke

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