David Valles

ACE, PN, FMS L2, CF-L1 Trainer
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  • Weight Loss/Gain
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Strength & Conditioning


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


  • Functional Movement System L2
  • Precision Nutrition Certified
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist


Be active everyday. Learn to move your body well. Enjoy a fitness foundation that supports your daily activities, sport endeavors and any physical challenge your heart desires. Be happy!


When I first met David over 8 years ago, my doctor had told me I had to lose weight or face serious medical issues. Ever since that day, David has been my personal trainer. He created workouts to help me lose over 75 pounds, has trained me through various athletic events (that I never thought I would do) and also helped rehab me through major knee surgery (a result of carrying too much weight for years). He has spent countless hours reviewing meal plans and providing endless pep talks when I was ready to give up. He teaches his clients how to develop healthy habits that lead to a healthy lifestyle. It may sound cliche but he helped “save my life”. The road to healthy living is not always easy and I know I had to put in the work but having a personal trainer like David in my corner is a key part to my health successes past, present and future.

- Jennifer S.

I have been training with David for over 5 years and I can’t recommend him enough! I started training with David because I was no longer getting results on my own. David introduced me to a whole new way of training and continues to come up with new and effective exercises that make me look forward to coming to the gym. I have learned so much from David as he is willing to share his expert knowledge of nutrition, body mechanics, and injury prevention. With David’s help I have achieved far more than I originally hoped for. I now feel like I have the knowledge to achieve results on my own, I am stronger, more motivated, I workout smarter, and I continually challenge myself. David is motivating and incredibly knowledgeable about all things fitness and nutrition. I would definitely recommend him to anyone, regardless of fitness level.

- Sandra K.

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